Where We Go by Animal Eyes

“When those layered vocal harmonies kick in, you can hear the influence of Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear, but best of all you notice the confidence this band shows on their third release.”

-Adrian Begrand, Pop Matters


“Where We Go is sonically adventurous and detailed… but songcraft is still the primary objective here.”  -The Portland Mercury


“Animal Eyes have made a glorious musical return with their first album since 2013's Ursus. With Where We Go, the band has reached one of their highest points musically as its songs pack a heavy emotional punch, supported by an elevated production.” -The Deli Portland



Ursus by Animal Eyes

"Newly released EP Ursus—Latin for "bear," harking back to the members' Alaskan roots—shows the quintet continuing its toothy assault on the standardized rock-'n'-roll format. Ursus opens with "Bender," a trippy, towering track in which Matthews sounds like he swapped his snare for an aluminum trashcan lid. It's a clamorous and rhythmic declaration that the EP's next four songs are not going to be in any way traditional. "Last Knock" is where the band reveals its new secret weapon: the accordion, another product of motherly intuition. "Sam's mom gave it to him as a gift, so we started writing songs around it," McArthur says. The song bursts into a swaying, rum-soaked nautical ballad, conjuring for the band members foggy images of the southern Alaskan coastline." - Mark Stock, Willamette Week